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City Manager Candidate Controversy

After 10 hours of interviews and deliberations the city council cut down the field of candidates for city manager to three.

Who was ousted? Mark Watson of Temple. He reportedly gave a good interview, but wasn't anyone's favorite. The final three? Hometown candidate Tommy Gonzalez, William Pupo of Surprise, Arizona, and Ricky Childers of Longview, about whom, NewsChanel 11 learned of a controversy from his past.

Take a Closer Look at the Three Manager Finalists
Friday afternoon, Lubbock City Council members concluded their interviews with Lubbock City Manager hopefuls and narrowed the list to three.  Take a closer look at who they are.
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Sources say in March of 2000, while serving as the city manager of Longview, Childers ordered a number of city employees and department heads to undergo fingerprinting by the Longview police department. Why? Childers reportedly received a letter critical of his administration. He called the police who found a fingerprint on the letter. Childers then ordered certain city employees be fingerprinted to see if they had written the letter. Reached by phone, Childers refused to comment.

"That's the first I've heard of it," said Mayor Marc Mcdougal. "Would that fly here in the Hub City?," the mayor was asked. "Well, I don't know that it would, but I don't know where that report's come from, who's generated it, and that's certainly stuff the council will have to look into," said McDougal.

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