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Man dies after altercation with Lubbock Co Sheriff's Department

LUBBOCK (KCBD) - A Lubbock County man is dead after a physical altercation with Lubbock County sheriff's deputies. This is still an on-going investigation. Saturday morning, what we're told what began as a domestic disturbance call, ended with a suspect dead.

Sheriff Kelly Rowe says the altercation began when deputies were dispatched out to a home on County Road 7160 about 8:35am, for a domestic disturbance. Sheriff Rowe says the suspect ran from deputies and refused to cooperate. After a short foot pursuit, the sheriff says, deputies found him under a trailer, and that's when neighbors say deputies had to use a tazer to subdue their suspect.  

"I got woken up to a disturbance, the Sheriff's Department collected the man, they cuffed him, they had to taze him first in order to get him under control" Michael Bridgewater, a neighbor and eyewitness, says. Bridgewater then says deputies put the suspect in their car. "I started hearing noises so I came back out of my house, the man is inside the vehicle, he's out of his cuffs and he starts beating on the vehicle. They open up the door, they're trying to get him out, trying to get him contained and he stands up on the running board, he's not in cuffs no more, he's free, and he jumps on three of them and they beat him down onto the ground" Bridgewater explains, and says that wasn't the end of it.

"They got him on the ground trying to hog tie him and then all of a sudden I see the hog ties come off. They flip the man over, belly up, they feel of his chest, and then I see them sitting there shaking him" Bridgewater says. He says about five minutes later emergency response teams arrived.

"They beat the man to the ground, they killed him right, straight up, they did, and I stood right there and watched it and videotaped it" Bridgewater says. His phone was confiscated by investigators on the scene. 

Sheriff's deputies aren't saying much about the altercation, but did acknowledge something happened here in this statement: "Today patrol officers responded to a domestic violence call at 1510 East County Road 7160. Patrol deputies arrived, made contact with the caller who complained and the suspect. After making contact with the suspect a physical altercation took place which resulted in the suspect being transported to UMC. At this time, it is an on-going investigation." Mike Reed, Chief Deputy over law enforcement with the Lubbock County Sheriff's Office, says.

Eric Finley with UMC say the suspect has died from his injuries. Investigators aren't releasing the suspect's name, and neighbors say he was about 55 years old and worked out of a small welding shop.  The case has been turned over to the Texas Rangers, and the Lubbock County Sheriff's Office says they will not be releasing any information until Monday. KCBD NewsChannel 11 did talk with Sheriff Kelly Rowe this afternoon, and he says he is not hearing anything that would cause alarm or concern.

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