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HealthWise at 5 From 12.8

  • Back Seat Safety

Back seat passengers are generally considered to be in the safest spot, but if they're unbuckled and in an accident, the force of impact can tun them into deadly projectiles. Recently, the University at Buffalo studied the effects on drivers in a head-on collision when the rear passenger was unrestrained. The unbelted crash dummies were nicknamed "Back Seat Bullets" as they flew forward into the driver. Researchers found the increased severity of head and chest injuries caused by the back seat passenger dramatically increased when that passenger was not buckled.

  • Bunion Basics

Bunions, an often-painful foot condition affecting the big toe, can be tolerated. However, in a recent survey of bunion surgery patients, more than 90% said they're glad they opted to have the condition treated. The American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons says pain and an inability to keep up with everyday activities are the main reasons bunion sufferers seek medical attention. For a bounty of bunion info, (click here).

  • Mail Order Food Safety

The last thing you want to hear when you've sent a food gift is, "Yuck!" but if you remember some food safety tips for shipped treats, you'll only hear, "Yum!" Alert recipients to expect a perishable gift that needs refrigerating ASAP. Also, use overnight shipping. If you're on the receiving end of a food gift, look for a "keep refrigerated" marking. If food arrives warm or thawed, don't even taste it. Bacteria thrive between 40 and 140 degrees fahrenheit.

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