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Flu Vaccination Shortage Hits Lubbock

Patients at the Lubbock Health Department packed the waiting room to receive the final flu shots of this year.

"We're here getting our flu shots we've heard it's in over 23 states," says patient, Pete Teichroeb.

"I hope I get one," says patient, Millie Stanley.

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"I think I'm the last one and I hate taking it from the older people. I think I was one of the last ones and I hate taking it from you know our elderly and older folks but I'm gonna be doing some traveling and I have to be protected," says patient, Laurie Brower.

But minutes later, "We are out of adult flu vaccine today," says a nurse with the Health Department.

And patients coming in for a shot are out of luck. "We came in here to get a flu shot for both of us but they told us they were out of the vaccine for the adults so I'm gonna go ahead and get him his shot and hopefully get myself one later," says patient, Shawn White.

Again, the Lubbock Health Department is completely out of flu shots and they are unsure whether they will receive anymore. However, they do tell us that many people at risk have already gotten the shot.

For those of you in need of the shot there is a bit of good news, some doctors in town have a small supply left so check with your doctor. Also UMC has about 150 doses which they will be giving out in their mobile unit next Tuesday, December 16th from 11a.m.-1p.m.

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