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Consider This...You still have the power

Tuesday, Lubbock City Council members decided to wait on any increases in your electric bill. That's good news for now.

I agree with the mayor when he said that they shouldn't be taking any more money from customers than it costs to operate LP&L.

Further, I don't think LP&L has any business making a profit. It is owned by the citizens of Lubbock and it should exist to do two things: keep the lights on and keep the rates low. Anything more is just greed.

And now that customers no longer have a choice in electric providers, City Council should highly scrutinize any and all increases.

Consider this:

Eventually, the council will decide on the rate increase. I would encourage you to track your councilperson's vote on this one, and, come election day, let them know how you feel about that vote.

Remember, you may not get to choose your electric provider any more, but you do get to choose the folks that set the rates.

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