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Finding Malcolm's Brick

11-year-old Brooke Chancy is on a mission. "I'm just looking for my uncle, Malcolm Chancy," she said. A Gulf War veteran, a Lubbock resident, a name etched somewhere in the memorial, but where? "I don't know," said Brooke. "Well let's go, we'll follow you. Let's find this brick," we said.

One name out of nearly 12,000. "O, I found a Malcolm, but it's the wrong Malcolm," we noticed.

A patriotic version of hide and seek. Malcolm chancy, Malcolm Chancy, Malcolm Chancy. The significance of each name inspiring, even to a 5th grader. "I feel happy that all these people served our country," said Brooke.

Meanwhile, mom was having about the same amount of luck, and having the same feeling as well. "It's just so overwhelming looking at the names and knowing that this is just a very small few," she said.

As the appreciation grew so did the desire to find Malcolm's brick. "Have you looked over here?," Brooke was asked. "Yes," she replied. "Ok, so he's not over there," said the camera crew.

10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes of searching...still no Malcolm, just glazed eyes. Time for a break. "Did you come out here for the dedication?" Brooke was asked. "No, we had to do some Christmas shopping," she said. "Oh, that's important too." "Yes," she said.

Unfortunately, 15 minutes later Brooke and her mother had to go. "Well, Malcolm we searched valiantly for 47 minutes, but you'll be back," the crew said to Brooke. "Yes!," she replied.

Somewhere in there is Malcolm's brick, but today his 11-year-old niece found something even better. "She was telling me how she saw some flowers and how it hit her. So she really understands the sacrifice," said her mother.

That is a 47 minute lesson in American character.

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