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Vaccinate Your Pets Against Rabies

Lubbock Animal Services is issuing a warning to all pet owners: get your animals vaccinated against rabies.

The warning comes after two skunks tested positive for rabies in northeast Lubbock county. The latest case brings the rabies count to 22 in this region. Animal Services Manager, Jamey Cantrell, says all animals are at risk, not just those in rural areas. He also says, those animals that roam freely at night are most at risk. "A lot of people never even know they're exposed to it until the dog comes down sick and by that time, they and everyone in their family has to go through the exposure treatment," said Cantrell.

An animal with rabies may show the following symptoms:

  • general illness
  • erratic or aggressive behavior
  • a fearless nature toward pets and people

If you know of an animal with these symptoms, call Animal Services at (806) 775-2057 or if you live in the county, contact the Sheriff's Department at (806) 767-1441.

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