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Hepatitis A symptoms after 28 days of being exposed

A spokesperson at the Lubbock Health Department told KCBD NewsChannel11 today.  "We've been holding our breath, but so far, no additional cases have been reported." she was talking about Hepatitis A, and a 28 day incubation period.  

Today is the 28th day since that first day of possible exposure at Cheddars on August 31st. That means anyone, who ate at Cheddars between August 31st and September 8th, may now begin to show signs of the illness if they did not get the vaccine.

If you are one of those people, these are the symptoms of hepatitis A, and you should go to a doctor. "You're going to at first have flu-like symptoms. They may have pain over their liver area because hepatitis is a liver disease. If it gets bad, they could have jaundice where their skin turns yellow, their eyes turn yellow. But a lot of it is flu symptoms to begin with." "If you start having problems, you ate at cheddars, didn't get the vaccination, please go see your doctor" said Dr. Linda Brice for the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center.

It's estimated that 7,700 people ate at Cheddars during that exposure period, but only 2,200 were vaccinated. That leaves about 5,000 people who need to be watching for any signs of the illness.

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