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A Neti-Pot helps flush out allergens

Do you suffer from allergies or sinus problems? A practice that started in ancient India is gaining popularity among sinus sufferers they're called Neti-Pots. They're inexpensive and easy to find.  It's a nasal rinse pot. You add water and powder that's simply salt and baking soda.

A Neti-Pot helps flush out allergens and other irritants Dr. Egbert Evries said, "Remember the nose is the body's air conditioner. It's a filter." "So by keeping it clean and getting the swelling and irritation away from the nose the sinuses are healthier." "I recommend those twice a day. When you brush your teeth think about taking care of your nose as well."

It can be awkward to use you have to lean over the sink with one side of your face up because the water is going to drip out your nose.  Dr. Evries and his team at the Cleveland Clinic say they work, and he recommends using a Neti-Pot twice a day.

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