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West Telemarketing: Disconnected

"It's not welcome news," said Lubbock Mayor, Marc McDougal, reacting to a letter from the West Corporation regarding the impending closure of West Telemarketing.

"This closure will affect all staff and production employees totaling approximately 440 employees," the letter explained.

The cause? "The state no-call list, the federal no-call list," said Mayor McDougal.

The financial impact? West Telemarketing has an annual payroll of roughly $8 million dollars. "There will be some anger at first," said Worksource official Danny Soliz. He's currently in the process of organizing a job fair for the soon-to-be unemployed. "If they want help, we'll be there," he said.

Despite the bad news, officials from Market Lubbock point to a silver lining. An initial investment of taxpayer funds of $350,000 in 1997 has returned nearly $50 million. "They have more than met the obligations that they told Market Lubbock, so we do look at that as a success," said Mayor McDougal.

But in it's final month, West Corporation has ordered its employees not to discuss the impact of closure. "So there's no way we can interview you or anyone else?" a reporter asked a West employee. "No," they responded.

January 20th is their final day. The job fair sponsored by Worksource will be held on Monday, December 15th from 3 to 5 pm at West Telemarketing. It is for West employees only. So far 15 companies plan to attend, including Cingular, Excel Meat Packing, NTS Communications, G. Boren Staffing, and Tyco.

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