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Health can take a toll on your hair

Any woman will tell you a good hair day can make it a great day all around.  Age can take its toll on those good hair days by taking away the shine, the color, and the fullness.  Kevin Gatto is not a doctor, but after styling hundreds of heads in the salon.  I think he has some pretty good advice about disguising thinning hair.

"Sometimes if your hair is too dark, it's fine, it's going to look more see through at the scalp, so you want to find a color that almost blends it. Not skin color but something warmer that gives the illusion of more dense hair." said Gatto.  

He also adds that by coloring your hair you can bring back some of the shine as well, and he says be careful using mouse or gels where the first ingredient is alcohol.  Because alcohol will dry out your hair even more and add to the dryness.

Now, some medical advice from the Cleveland Clinic, women who are losing their hair may want to consider having their iron level checked by a doctor.   Sometimes, you don't have to be anemic, but low iron levels could be thinning your hair.   Many studies have shown that heavy drinking, divorce, and stress can play a role in hair loss as well.

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