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First Glimpse at Lubbock's New Heart Hospital

74 beds, X-Ray machines, four heart surgical suites and much more... but most important of all, doctors at Lubbock Heart Hospital say the patient is at the center of it all. The hospital held its first public viewing on Thursday, with a ribbon cutting ceremony and, of course, tours. It was a day doctors and administrators had been waiting on for some time and with one snip of the scissors they began celebrating the near completion of a state of the art hospital.

Several area doctors, with the help of others, have worked long and hard to turn their vision for the new hospital into reality. John McGreevy, Lubbock Heart Hospital's CEO says, "It's important for them to raise the benchmark on care that's being provided to patients in this community." Dr. James Grattan, a Cardiologist, agrees. He says, " We're basically trying a new concept in patient centered care. It's passionate, outstanding care. At the same time, very patient oriented."

Danny Solic is a patient of Doctor Grattan's who survived a quadruple bypass surgery two years ago. He's just thankful he's alive to see the hospital open and, of course, for the doctors who care for so many. Danny explains, "They care for their patients. It's not just go in and cut you open and that's it . They do excellent work and I'm thankful for that."

So is Bob Winton. He has lived 22 years since the first of two bypass surgergies. He says not only did his doctors save his life, they've allowed him to stay active and sharp at the age of 80. Now Bob hopes the Lubbock Heart Hospital will help them do the same for others. He says, "I think this (the hospital) is beautiful. It's going to be great.  I think anyone that needs a hospital this is where they should be."

The opening of the heart hospital has caused some controversy. Some worry other hospitals will lose patients and staff. NewsChannel 11 asked Grattan and McGreevy about those concerns. They were understanding, but stressed two things: first, the heart hospital is focused on the patient and patient outcome is what's important.  Second, they hope the new facility will bring more patients in general to Lubbock because of their quality of care.

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