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Lubbock family says they're the victim of Alpha Tex Kennels from years ago

It's been almost a week since the Floyd County Sheriff's Office seized nearly 300 dogs from the Alpha Tex Kennels just outside of Lockney.

On Monday, a man who previously bought two dogs from the kennels claimed the neglect is nothing new. He says his puppy died just ten days after leaving the kennel.

Back in 2005, Keith Baldridge stumbled across the Alpha Tex Kennel's website and bought Cowboy, a golden retriever puppy. Six years later, the Baldridges couldn't have asked for a better dog.

"He brings in groceries, he fetches the paper; he is one of the most loyal, smartest dogs we've ever had," Keith Baldridge said.

A year later they decided to add another member to the family and name her Indie.

"First time they didn't let us out to the kennels. They met us in town," Keith said. "The second dog we actually drove out to the kennels, and we were just appalled by the conditions. I don't know quite what the smell was, but it wasn't humane. It just wasn't good."

Even after seeing the conditions of the kennels, Keith and his wife had no idea what would happen just ten days later.

"We got back to the house with this new puppy and within two weeks the puppy was dead. It died of Parvo," Keith said.

Keith spent $400 buying Indie, and after all the vet bills were said and done spent another $400 just trying to save her.

"We wanted to do everything in our power to save the dog," Keith said.

He says after losing his puppy, the owners of Alpha Tex were not sympathetic. "We got nothing back. When I called asking for a refund I was met with a hostile response. She even threatened to sue me if I breathed a word of this to the news or to anybody else," Keith said .

After seeing the conditions of the kennel and losing Indie, he contacted the humane society to try to get something done, but personal issues kept them from following through.

"This has been eating away at me for five years now, and it's time justice is done. I want those dogs to be in a safe place," Keith said.

The Alpha Tex Kennels say there was nothing wrong with their business. They'll go to court next week to fight to get the hundreds of dogs back. On their website the Alpha Tex Kennel owners have made a plea to help get their dogs back, you can check it out by (clicking here).

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