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Lubbock business prepares for final Aggie visit


Lubbock hotels are making beds, ironing sheets and receiving food in truckloads as they prepare for a flood of guests.

"We have been sold out for a little over a year now and everybody on our staff will be working. It's an all hands on deck situation," Overton Hotel Director of Operations Josh Henegar said .

So if you're looking for a room you may want to find a couch to crash on instead.

The Overton will be transformed to fit twice as many people.

"We are going to be opening additional seating down the hall and into our pre-conference area as well as our outside patio," Henegar said.

Overton is planning to order triple the amount food they usually do.

"We will be ordering in food today for tomorrow so we can get it in for our prep," Oveton Hotel Chef Kelly Wilson said.

Across from the stadium, staff at Spanky's is also prepping. They plan on cutting 1,000 pounds of cheese to be fried up and served on game day.

Hundreds of students have already gathered at Raiderville, turning the small gathering into a sea of tents overnight. The population stands at 466 on Tuesday afternoon.

Local business owners say A&M leaving the Big 12 will be a big loss for the economy. Game weekend is expected to bring in $12 million.

The west side of the stadium is sold out, but there are still 3,500 tickets left for seats on the east side. Tickets are $98.

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