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Dr. Ronaghan discusses breast cancer myths

A breast lump does not mean breast cancer, but it does mean you need to get it checked out to be sure.That's some advice from Dr. Catherine Ronaghan today as we continue our focus on breast cancer awareness month.  

Another tip from Dr. Ronaghan is to ignore those scary emails that suggest wearing deodorant might trap toxins that lead to breast cancer. She says that's simply not true.   "It sounds like it could be plausible. It's on the internet. If you wear antiperspirant, and that somehow quote-un-quote blocks your sweat glands, and then you get breast cancer. There's absolutely no data. It's been studied extensively."

Dr. Ronaghan adds that breast cancer is not just a woman's problem.  One percent of the cases are in men.  Since men aren't typically looking for the disease, breast cancer kills about 500 men every year.

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