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Keep Dangerous Dogs Out of Your Backyard

The Lubbock animal shelter still has three pit bulls in custody Friday night. Soon officials will determine if the dogs dangerous animals.

It's been reported that a pack of pit bulls climbed over a chain-link gate in Tech Terrace to attack a black lab and a golden retriever earlier this week. The two dogs died in that attack. The victims have filed a dangerous animal hearing for next Thursday to determine the fate of the three pit bulls.

A six foot chain-link fence wasn't tall enough to keep out three pit bulls from the backyard. They scaled it, attacked and killed two dogs; a black lab and a golden retriever.

Animal Service Manager Jamey Cantrell say those dogs probably climbed the chain-link fence within seconds. "It's much easier to go over a chain link fence. You have those holes built in so they can climb-up," said Cantrell.

Chain-link fences are generally less expensive to build. They can cost around $1000 depending on your yard size. Better fences will cost you more. For instance, wooden fences. "The higher you can make it, with in zoning restrictions, the better off it's going to keep your pets in and others out. You can put things, like a cement border, along the bottom of it and that will prevent from digging in and out," suggested Cantrell.

In order to guarantee that pets can't leave or enter in your backyard, Cantrell suggests building cinder block walls. That way animals paws can't grab on to something and climb over. But there's a problem, it could cost you $1000's of dollars to build a wall.

Which ever way you chose to build, Cantrell offers this: don't only think about ways to keep your pet inside your yard, but also think about keeping unwanted, and potentially dangerous dogs out. Chain-link fences not only need to built taller, but Cantrell suggests installing a wire over-hang, so outsiders can't climb in.

If you think your fence is safe for your pet, you might be wrong. For instance, a fence that is four feet tall, although it may keep my dog inside the fence, other dogs could scale it easily. And that's what you need to know.

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