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Computer Vest for Brain to Improve Memory

Are you forgetful? Then, you may be interested in a new invention to boost your brain power.

Researchers at Masssachusetts Instistute of Technology, or MIT, say they're encouraged about the prospects of a computer vest for the brain. It has the ability to recognize people, then match the name by flashing it on a tiny screen attached to the wearer's glasses.

Here's the incredible part. You don't even actually read the name. It's hidden in a tiny matrix, so it's less disruptive.

"It's so brief. You can't consciously perceive it. This is where the information is stored. This is where it's presented and this is how I interact with the computer," says Rich Duvall, MIT inventor.

In the MIT study, memory was improved by one and a half times, but don't put this on your Christmas list, the brain vest is in the early stages of development. Scientists at MIT envision that by the time this concept is marketed for general use. It may be as simple as programming your brain power into your cell phone or PDA. So, when it finally goes to market, the entire device will be a lot smaller, and researchers say the system will ultimately not only boost your memory, but actually help improve it, kind of like using flash cards.

By the way, this was originally designed for Parkinson's patients, but it didn't take long for the brains at MIT to realize this could be a billion dollar brain booster that could help anyone.

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