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Lubbock Reacts to Saddam's Capture

Saddam's capture was also the talk here at home -- at the Lubbock Area Veterans War Memorial, as citizens and veterans alike searched for the names of loved ones who fought for our country's freedom, they reacted to this historical moment.

Where were you when you heard the news?

"We were getting ready for church and we were listening to the Christian channel and just happened to catch a news flash, so we turned the news on and saw it immediately. It was the most wonderful news we've had in a long time," said Lyndel Evans, a local veteran.

"I was driving my car down the street and it kinda came as a shock, but a pleasant surprise really," said Tom Pirtle, a local veteran.

"I was getting ready for church (Sunday) morning and listening to the radio when we heard and turned on the TV to watch CNN to catch up on what all was happening, and we were shocked and amazed and very glad the we got Saddam," said Sharon Bennett.

For these citizens and veterans, their day went on as planned but the topic of their daily conversation changed to a focus on peace.

"It just gives me a good feeling that he's captured. I figure the United States has a lot better chance of settling down over there now," said J.M. Haley, a local veteran.

"In church, ironically, the sermon was about how we are always in a war with Satan and that was very appropriate for (Sunday), and then he spoke about Saddam and how great it was that he'd been captured," said Linda Hutchins.

"I hope people will take a deep breath, and I'm relieved it happened right near Christmas. Maybe the parents of the boys over there feel peace and have a little more hope that things will settle there, and their boys will be safe," said Brenda Walker.

Of the people NewsChannel 11 talked to, they all agreed Saddam's capture can only help President Bush in the 2004 election.

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