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Health cares about domestic violence

Covenant is hosting a seminar Tuesday morning, and they are providing continuing medical education credits to doctors, nurses, and others who work in the health care field to better identify the signs of domestic violence. You see, the signs of physical abuse are not always as obvious as a black eye.

Dr. Juan Fitz, an ER Doctor, says the clues can be very subtle.  "It doesn't make sense because there's multiple complaints. The patient has insomnia, unable to work properly, unable to concentrate, constant headaches, stomach problems. When they don't add up, you got to start looking for other reasons whether the patient is showing up with that. That's when you have to start thinking o f domestic violence with these patients."

Dr. Fitz will be joined by another ER Doctor in that seminar Tuesday morning.  Dr. Travis Stork is seen daily on "The Doctors" on this station. He will be here to lead that program for health professionals at 7:30 Tuesday morning.   Then, at 11:45 at the United Spirit Arena, Dr. Stork will lead "Doc Talk."  It's a free hour of advice to kids on building healthy relationships. To register for the event, go to

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