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HealthWise at 5 From 12.15

  • Hepatitis C

The first human trials of a Hepatitis C vaccine are now underway. Saint Louis University researchers are testing three different strengths of a vaccine against the blood-borne virus. The virus affects over 2.5 million Americans, and up to 170 million people world wide. There is no cure for Hepatitis C, and untreated patients develop chronic liver disease.

  • College Drinkers

A recent study double-checked the alcohol consumption of college students and exposed a keg's-worth of discrepancies. Researchers from Duke University asked college students to pour "standard" sized drinks to compare how much is in the servings they normally consume. In nearly all cases, the students poured far more alcohol than "standard drink" measurements. Bottom line: researchers say the student estimates of alcohol consumption were far lower than reality, and could indicate a larger alcohol problem than the students realize.

  • SafeTree

A toppling Christmas tree could shatter ornaments and possibly spark a fire. A new gadget that looks like a tree accessory might prevent an electrical fire from a tipped tree. SafeTree by Safe Home Products uses a bubble level to sense the uprightness of the tree. If it tips over, the device disconnects power to the lights. For more information, ( click here).

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