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The Shop 'Til You Drop Syndrome May Hold Clues To Women's Heart Trouble

It may not be in the medical journals yet, but Dr. Patricia Davidson, a cardiologist, calls it the "shop 'til you drop syndrome". She says the inability to complete what used to be a typical holiday shopping day could be the one symptom that offers a clue, particularly to women, that they might be having heart trouble.

You see, it's well established that the onset of a woman's heart attack can be very different from a man's: she may have chest pain, or she may never experience it. She may suffer from body aches, back pain, or heartburn instead. A woman may have difficulty breathing or suffer from unusual fatigue or even mild flu-like symptoms that worsen with activity, like shopping.

"I always tell patients that heart disease does not have to be painful. They can be very mild, and what they consider to be insignificant and not bother to tell their doctor, that they can no longer walk up the stairs at the same rate, they can't finish shopping, they have a little bit of indigestion in their chest and all of this could be typical heart symptoms," explains Dr. Davidson

So, if you frequently notice any of these symptoms, you should see your physician. And Dr. Davidson says don't wait Until after the holidays!

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