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Oh, the West Texas Dust and Wind

Parts of Lubbock disappeared today. Little things like, the skyline. Is that Lubbock? or Los Angeles? Cars came out of nowhere, headlights feeling for the road. Visibility was - painful. Is the bus still coming? If it is, will it even see me?

The sun turned blue, and looked more like the moon. And the dirt, well, there was a billboard describing that (Red All Over).

Car washes were abandoned - resting up, no doubt, for tomorrow. Meanwhile, for kids it didn't seem quite fair. The East Coast has snow days, shouldn't West Texas have windy, dusty days? After all, semis were blown over - which makes getting into grandma's car quite an accomplishment.

At Plains Capital Bank the driver of a truck made a withdrawal of brick and mortar when the wind blew him into the building.

Box Truck Nearly Brings Down PCB Drive-Thru
The driver of the truck blames the 62 mile per hour winds.
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"It's a metal roof all right," said Anne Lacey. There's no such thing as wind fighters, so Anne called the Fire Dept. when the crash came. "We heard what sounded like a tornado and it turned out to be the neighbor's roof," she said.

It was all enough to make Glynn McKaa, a grandmother welcoming home her soldier grandson, to remember a similar time from her childhood. "The Dustbowl," she said.

Hopefully, tomorrow, the sun will turn back to yellow.

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