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Dust Storm Leaves Residents Doing Damage Control

Christmas came early this year for Annie Lacey of Lubbock. She received a mangled piece of metal from her neighbor Cody McNeal. His roof blown onto her house during Monday's windstorm. Luckily no one was injured, but many folks like Annie and Cody are spending Tuesday picking up the pieces.

Satellite Image of the Dust Storm Over Texas 12.15
Check out what Monday's dust storms looked like from a NASA Satellite.
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At first glance Cody McNeal's house looks intact, but take a look in the backyard and you'll find his roof. Blown off completely on Monday afternoon. "I was pulling up in the driveway and the next thing I know,one solid piece of came off," says McNeal.

Cody called 911 and attempted to stop the roof from crashing onto his neighbor Annie Lacey's house, but the roof put up a fight. "All of a sudden wham! Something hits the house," says Lacey.

As gentler breezes blow, Cody and Annie feel lucky to have survived the wrath of the roof, and even crack jokes about the event. "Yeah we shared a roof! We did!" says Lacey.

All joking aside city crews were out picking up Christmas decorations in Mackenzie Park, tilted and toppled during the windstorm. "We've been making sure everything is still standing and up like it's suppose to be to be ready for tonight," says Brian Smith with the City of Lubbock Parks and Recreation Department.

For now Santa and his reindeer are safe and ready to spread Christmas cheer once again. "Everything will be back to normal tonight. We'll be running tonight," says Smith.

More good news, local Christmas tree dealers say branches blew around for a bit but for the most part all is well in the pine tree business. "They're still holding up pretty good. We've dusted them off and for the most part we don't have any severe wind damage," says Kraig Cox with the Tree Lot.

As for Cody's roof, well most of it has been repaired. He tells us the roof he had was supposed to last 20 years, but after the storm it survived only two months.

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