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What are Lubbock's Worst Intersections?

Deaths from car accidents in the Hub City are up 61% from this time last year according to the Lubbock Police Department. Last year at this time Lubbock had seen 18 traffic fatalities. Sadly, this year that number stands at 29.

There are four areas that are particularly troublesome for motorists. An effort to place protected left arrows at Lubbock's major intersections has helped with the city's traffic trouble spots, but there are a few areas where you may want to look and look again before crossing lanes.

Sgt. Ronnie Sowell, of the Lubbock Police says, "Specifically, the intersection on the South Loop, near Slide, Quaker, Indiana, and University, they're high profile crash intersections. Those South Loop intersections are in a dead heat for the title of number four on our list of the city's worst intersections. They're of special concern because of their proximity to holiday shopping hotspots. Sowell says, "The opportunity is increasing to be in an accident.  The more vehicles are on the street, the more all the variables come into play."

 Number three on our list:  50th and Avenue Q , is also a high traffic area because of grocery and drug store shoppers. Exercise extreme caution there.

Shopping also brings us to 82nd and Slide .  Drivers' needs for fast food, groceries, fuel and much more make the intersection the cities second most dangrous traffic spot. However, Sergeant Sowell says every intersection is dangerous this time of year, when more people tend to drink and drive. "It's at that time of year when we're very festive and we have a lot of parties and as a result we have a lot of people that shouldn't be driving that get behind the wheel.

The holidays are expected to make Lubbock's number one traffic headache even worse. That's right, 6002 Slide Road , one of the mall's main entrances is the city's number one, worst area for traffic collisions. So, shoppers remember that when you go out to do your holiday shopping.  And, as always, police remind everyone to designate a driver if you plan to drink this holiday season.

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