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Lubbock police seek leads in 20-year-old murder case

Barbara Jean Hinojosa Barbara Jean Hinojosa

Lubbock police are seeking new leads in a 20-year-old murder case.

Barbara Jean Hinojosa, 32, was found stabbed to death in her home on the 200 block of east 37th Oct. 12, 1991. Now nearly two decades later, police and Hinojosa's family are asking the public to help catch the killer.

"It appeared at the original crime scene that it could of been related to a break in, but that is something we've never been able to confirm," said Lubbock Police Sergeant, Jonathan Stewart.

In 2008, Lubbock Police Detective Brandon Price spoke with KCBD about new leads in the case, declaring that "the case is no longer cold." But three years later, the case remains unsolved.

As the years pass, especially on the anniversary Barbara Hinojosa's mother, Alice Kerr desperately seeks answers.

"I have not given up," said Kerr.

She says every year she goes back to where her daughter rests in peace remembering the nightmare that became a reality. This year she also visited the park stamped with Hinojosa's name.

"It's a reminder of her, flash backs about what happened," said Kerr.

Alice and Eugene Kerr were working at the family shop when he got the news that their daughter had been murdered. It was reported that Barbara's husband found her on Oct. 12 when he arrived home from visiting relatives.

Oct. 11, 1991 was a Friday night. Kerr says Barbara had gone to play bingo with her aunts.

"This was the first time she's driven by herself she always drove with my two sisters," said Kerr.

The next morning she failed to show up to work at the City of Lubbock where she helped low income families.

"They strangled her and stabbed her it was very bad," said Kerr.

Still after all this time police have been actively working this case. They say new evidence and leads from the public could piece together this puzzle.

"DNA testing has improved and been able to narrow it down quite a bit in just the last few years, so that is something that could possibly be looked at in these unsolved cases," said Stewart.

While the case is still open Kerr fights back the tears seeking only one thing, justice.

"We're just both hanging on that someday we might hear something," said Kerr.

If you have any information about this case, you're urged to call Crime Line at 741-1000. Callers can remain anonymous.

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