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Ways to prevent catching your child's cold

While kids are often back in the saddle just days after being sick, Mom and Dad may end up with the same cold or cough, and fight it for weeks.  

Dr. Andrew Hertz, a pediatrician, tells us why.   It's a very simple reason why kids have us to take care of them, but most adults get less sleep and are less likely to take care of themselves when they're sick.

Dr. Hertz, "Treat yourself as you would treat your child.  So if you start to get sick, lots and lots of fluids and some rest, it'll help you bounce back quite a bit more."  

If a child is sick at your house, Dr. Hertz says remember that a majority of illnesses are spread when people touch their nose or eyes.   If you keep your hands washed and off your face, you have a good shot at staying healthy despite all the germs your kids may be trading with friends during this cold and flu season.

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