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Postal Workers Doing Double Duty on Busiest Mail Delivery Day of the Year

More letters and packages come through here on this day than any other day of the year. For postal workers it's their biggest delivery day. And for Lubbock residents time is running out to get those last minute gifts to their destinations. 

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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, but for postal workers like Victor Roberson it's the busiest time of the year. "I like everything about it," says Roberson.

"Well this is the busiest carrying day and the busiest mailing day was Monday so that means all the letters and stuff are hitting now so that means the carrier is the busiest," says Steve Olguin, of the USPS.

With almost double the workload, mail carriers from Monterey Station deliver more than 60,000 letters, Christmas cards and packages in a single day. "A lot of packages you can't carry in your mailbag and you take directly to the door in the truck and drop them off one at a time so it takes a bit longer," says Roberson.

Meanwhile, back at the post office, it's a race against the clock as residents dashaway dashaway, dashaway, to get Christmas gifts delivered on time. "I'm Just mailing a package to Georgia," says resident, Ashley Hoffman. "I am getting the very last of the Christmas packages in the mail," says Marilyn Brown. 

Even Santa himself felt the need to help with the Yuletide rush. "Little kids they love it and they're totally amazed," says Postal Worker, Terry Foster, who dresses up as Santa Claus each year.  Every year Foster puts on his Santa hat and red coat to bring smiles to customers of all ages during the holidays and is sometimes mistaken for the real thing or is he? Has anyone pulled on his beard? "All the time, yeah, it is real," says Foster.

 But whether he's the real Santa or not doesn't matter. He says it's all part of the job. "This is my way of my present to the customers," says Foster.

If you still plan on mailing cards and packages postal officials recommend you mail everything priority at least this week. If you wait until next week you'll have to mail everything express to make sure it gets there before Christmas.

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