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The Leak Ender 2000: The Does It Work?

How about using a miracle sealer that will fix your water pipes instantly? The Leak Ender 2000 says it can, but c'mon Does It Work? We'll get the plumber on this one.

Tom Sinclair owns Sinclair Plumbing and Heating. He's been messing with leaky pipes for more than 20 years. He's set up a metal gutter for our first test. "The ends are sealed, my worker soldered the ends of this make-shift house gutter," said Sinclair.

The gutter was welded in the middle so we're guaranteed for the water to leak. The directions say to coat the area that leaks. "How would you describe the product now that we've seen it?" asked NewsChannel 11's Cecelia Coy. "It's a thick paint. I've never seen anything like it. And it's thick enough that it would seal up any cracks or holes, I would think," Sinclair said.

The directions say to wait 15 minutes after applying so the product can dry. That's okay, because we have something else we can do. "What we have is a copper pipe that would be in anybody's house. We put a cap on it and sautered the end of it. I'm going to cut a gash in it using the hacksaw," said Sinclair.

Tom sprayed a thick coat to cover the gash he made on the pipe, but was having a tough time. He eventually got it. After all that, 15 minutes went by and I'm ready to see how this Leak Ender 2000 works Sinclair poured the water into the gutter, "Ah, look at that!! It's leaking....a lot!!" What about the copper pipe? "Yeah, that's one leaky pipe," So much for that Leak Ender 2000.

Let's put an end to the quality of this product. The Leak Ender 2000 doesn't work.

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