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Anti-Gay Group Schedules Protest in Lubbock

Members of Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas are dedicated to preaching against the "Soul-damning, nation-destroying notion that it is ok to be gay" and they are coming to Lubbock. Now they are planning to picket several places they see as "gay friendly" here in the city.

The church's motto is "God Hates Fags" and they will be protesting the Buddy Holly Museum. The museum displays eye glasses of Elton John's, a known homosexual. Who'd of thought a simple pair of Elton's glasses could bring such controversy?

Westboro Baptist's Pastor, Fred Phelps says, "Elton John isn't famous for his musical ability anymore. He's famous as an international aggressive militant sodomite that's spreading that fag life from coast to coast and pole to pole and shore to shore."

A group from Phelps' church will be at the Buddy Holly Museum on January 12th in protest of Elton's eyewear. The museum's director, Catherine Prose, is well aware the protestors are coming, but will say little to fuel their fire. She says, "The glasses are a permanent object in our collection and we have plans to extend that collection and we have no comment on the protestors."

The museum isn't Westboro Baptist's only target. Lubbock High School will also feel their wrath because there are some who want a Gay/Straight Alliance or GSA group in the school. The school opposed the possibility, but that's not stopping Pastor Phelps from blasting the GSA. He says, "They exist only to propagandize and spread that lying notion that it's ok to be gay." Phelps says he wants to know where our local preachers were when Elton John's glasses were allowed as a "shrine" here in Lubbock and when homosexuals "Invaded our high schools to inflict filth on young people."

Brad Jurkovich, Pastor at Southcrest Baptist Church in Lubbock, believes homosexuality is a sin, but his approach is much different than Phelps'. "We love people, we communicate the love of Jesus Christ and, if they put their faith in Jesus, all sins are forgiven- homosexual or otherwise." And what does Phelps say to that? He says, "That's a favorite lie right out of hell. Nobody learned that lie reading the bible."

Phelps' church group also plans to picket the "gay infested" Texas Tech and five area dog kennels they claim are "queer friendly churches." The protests are scheduled for 7 a.m. Monday, January 12th and the group says they will be peaceful. Pastor Phelps says they work closely with local police in an effort to protect themselves.

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