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Vasclip: A Vasectomy Alternative

A new technique is offering a more attractive option to some men looking for permanent birth control. It's a tiny clip that cuts off the same vessel that's clipped in a traditional vasectomy, called the vasclip.

"It allows less discomfort and a more rapid recovery. It's just one single clip in a specific location that compresses the vas so that no sperm will get through," says Urologist, Dr. Jeffrey Buch.

The grain sized device clamps over the vessel that carries the sperm, interrupting the flow. So, there is no cutting or cauterizing, therefore complications, such as swelling and infection, are reduced.

Dr. Buch says so far, the vasclip has been just as reliable as traditional vasectomy in preventing unwanted pregnancy. The procedure takes about 20 minutes, with just a local anesthetic like novocaine.

However, NewsChannel 11 talked to a urologist today at the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center who says he doesn't like the idea of a clip to fix the man. Dr. Bernard Mittemeyer says vasectomy is a serous decision in life and the clip is misleading if a man thinks it's easy to clip for now and then maybe remove it later. Dr. Mittemeyer says it's not that easy and advises all men that vasectomy is never a good choice unless he is absolutely sure he wants no more children.

If you'd like to read more about the new vasclip, (click here).

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