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Cow puns run wild on Red Raider message board

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Red Raider fans react to Friday's fugitive cow chase:

"I hope we see a detailed acownt of the escape in the news." - ctalaman

"I bet the local media milks this for all it's worth." - shane_ttu

"I can only imagine the udder terror being experienced right now by those in its path." - shane_ttu

"Moooooooooooooooooooooooove out its way!" - jbryanford

"That's udder-ly ridiculous." - Techsus

"Damn Aggies left a coed behind!" - trueredraider

"I think the beast was finally apprehended by Officer Bo Vine." - TTechie

"For any terrified student, the school will be providing guidance cow-nselors to help work through the fear." - ronerich

"One news outlet is reporting that the cow ran into an intersection and t-boned a car." - ronerich

"My Lord, when will Tech learn to beef up security!" - JRaider1101

"I hope they capture the poor critter unharmed; Tech's reputation is clearly at steak here." - BCR

"Steer clear of the campus." - GARaider

And, not to be outdone, here are some comments from users on KCBD's Facebook page:

"Do they work for Chick fil a?" - Saylor Olson

"I thought everyone knew that pedestrians, no matter what species, have the right of way. It is very old Texas law." - Brenda Spann

"The cows knew what they were doing. The were making a break out - somebody told them they were going to be steaks and hamburrgers, so they decided to make a run for it." - Pete Pina

"If this had happened last Friday, say, around the Holiday Inn on Ave Q, it would have explained a lot." - Lynda Reid

"It was a beef recall they were going back to the farm." - Israel Perez

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