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Advice on Keeping Those Holiday Poinsettias Bright and Beautiful

More poinsettias are sold during the holiday season than any other time of the year. And local nurseries are selling out of them fast. "Christmas is just what we live for all year long," says Ann Holland with Holland Gardens.

She says the luxurious leafy plant is their biggest seller this time of year. "People are just really excited about poinsettias and the other things of Christmas that are so bright and cheerful," says Holland.

A native of Mexico the poinsetta was discovered by a french officer named Poinsett. Our of all 50 states, Texas ranks number three in poinsetta sales. Local nurseries say sales are up at least 40% from last year. With 20 different varieties of sizes and colors, the poinsetta makes an attractive addition for any holiday occasion.

Greenhouses like Ivey Gardens spend half the year growing poinsettas for the holiday rush. "We've grown about 27,000 and we've sold almost completely out," says Mark Ivey with Ivey Gardens. 

Even though poinsettas are most popular during the holiday season you can actually enjoy their beautiful blooms all year long both inside and outside your home. "You can keep a poinsetta all year long and have it re-bloom next year," says Holland.

Poinsettas are a tropical plant that should be kept inside during the winter months and planted outside during spring and summer. With proper care their brilliant color can brighten your home for years to come. 

Here are a few hints to help your poinsetta stay blooming and bright. 

  • Poinsettias should be kept indoors at room temperature away from bright light.
  • They should be watered daily.

Contrary to the myth poinsettias are not poisonous. But the milky liquid inside the stalks can cause some allergic reactions if touched. 

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