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Retired professor speaks out on pornography investigation

In an exclusive on camera interview with KCBD NewsChannel 11, a retired Texas Tech Health Sciences Center professor agreed to tell his side of the story after a pornography investigation led to his early retirement.

Back in July TTUHSC Professor Johannes Everse, 79, was given a letter of "intent to dismiss" citing reasons of neglect of professional responsibilities, moral turpitude, and unprofessional conduct all adversely affecting the performance of his duties to the university.

Open records state he was escorted out by Texas Tech Police while his work computers were confiscated as evidence of violations to TTUHSC policies and state law with inappropriate and numerous use of pornography on state owned property while in the laboratory during normal working hours.

Everse decided to retire early, effective October 6th, rather than sit through a hearing. "The only thing Texas Tech hasn't done yet is prove that I put it there," said Everse during an interview last week. When asked how the inappropriate material got on his work computer he answered "Good question".

Everse says there was one picture of a couple having intercourse on his computer, but said he didn't know how it got there and that this was part of a conspiracy to set him up while he was away on vacation. "I think somebody in that three week period set the whole thing up. There was some computer hacking," said Everse. "Somebody who had access to my computer over here [at home] obviously is in cahoots with somebody who had access to my lab computer."

In response to Everse's accusations the TTUHSCU sent us this statement on Sunday: "There is no indication whatsoever of any hacking in this case and no other individuals are under investigation".

Two weeks ago, KCBD revealed pictures of Everse exposing his genitals while in the Tech lab. Everse now says it was part of an ongoing research project for erectile dysfunction. "I might have taken one or two when I realized I missed a measurement, so I quickly took one, but most were taken here at home" he said. "Since it was all part of a research project I didn't see anything wrong with it. My job is to do research on whatever I feel is worth doing."

Everse says he didn't need permission from Tech to do the research, and that he never told them about his project. When asked "don't you think it would have been important to tell them for the investigation?" he responded "Of course, but this is the very first time I've gotten the chance to tell my side of the story. Tech hasn't given me two minutes yet."

However, in a document from TTUHSC the dean wrote to Everse saying "The University was prepared to hold a hearing at your request to present evidence of your violations." Everse then told us that if he would have been given a chance to tell his side if he would have gone through the long process of a hearing.

"If you felt you were innocent wouldn't you fight," we asked him. "They already punished me. What's the point in trying to prove myself innocent at this point," he said.

Several emails from Everse to a woman overseas discussed sexual conduct that took place in the Tech lab. One email from the woman states "I hope that you didn't clean your lab so neatly that it almost erased my track and smell, especially by the fridge where the two of us were standing and really had romantic moments."

"Anybody can take these emails and make them look incriminating," he said while denying any sexual activity at Tech.

Everse continues to deny any wrong doing even though the school's dean sent him a letter stating "The evidence was in fact overwhelming and frankly quite shocking."

"That letter doesn't mean a damn thing, because it only says what they found on my hard drive. I had not been able to verify that because they took my computer, but let's assume it's true… it doesn't prove anything. If they want to accuse me of wrong doing the proof is I put it there, and they can't do that because I didn't," he said.

Although Everse is retired Texas Tech Police are continuing their investigation. Everse says he will do anything to clear his name, even if it means pressing charges.

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