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New Non-Invasive Permanent Birth Control Option

A new birth control option is catching on with women who want a permanent way to avoid pregnancy but with no incision, no stitches, and no recovery period that you expect with a tubal ligation. The new procedure is called Essure.

"Dr. Bertrand said he didn't even like to call it surgery because there was no incision. I would be out the same day," said Cynthia Guerra, mother of three.

"It's a really neat method of sterilization is what it is, you go in through the vagina into the uterus and actually put plugs into the fallopian tubes," explained Dr. John Bertrand who is one of the first doctors offering this technique at Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas.

Cynthia is under local anesthetic during the 30 minute procedure. Doctors use a thin telescope-type instrument to insert tiny coils into the fallopian tubes.

Cynthia will need to continue using birth control for about three months while scar tissue develops to permanently block the tubes. Then, she'll go back to the doctor to confirm that the tubes are closed and she can't get pregnant.

The manufacturer says Essure is 99.8 % effective and it is not reversible.

We called Conceptus, the makers of Essure, and found out that only one doctor in Lubbock is offering this procedure at this point. That is Dr. Aurelio Miro, an Ob/Gyn at Highland Medical Center.

However, there are seven other doctors completing the training right now so it should be widely available at Covenant and the Texas Tech Health Science Center with in the next month or so.

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