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Former ambassador says Gaddafi's death could affect Lubbock

Ambassador Tibor Nagy Ambassador Tibor Nagy

A former United States Ambassador says Moammar Gaddafi's death is a positive step for Libya, but the country is facing a hard road.

Ambassador Tibor Nagy says the hunt for Gaddafi has been the one unifying factor for the Libyan forces. His death could disrupt Libya's oil industry or even increase the risk of terrorism here at home.

"Unfortunately I'm somewhat pessimistic over the near term," Nagy said.

Nagy worked as the liaison between the United States and Africa for 25 years. He met Gaddafi on several occasions.

"He tried to become the paramount chief by just throwing his money around. The African leaders - while they smiled and took his money - behind his back they thought he was a buffoon and a clown," Nagy said.

Nagy says killing the dictator is positive and a step forward given what he's done.

"He was not only responsible for the Pan Am bombings, he was also responsible for the bombing of a French aircraft. On board that aircraft was our ambassador's wife and a number of American Peace Corp volunteers," Nagy said.

So how will this affect the U.S.?

"Libya produces about 2 percent of the world oil. If the Libya Energy Industry is again incapacitated then I'm sure that will have a spike on gas prices," Nagy said .

If the turmoil does continue Nagy says the risks to U.S. security would increase as well.

"We would have to add another new bad guys to our terrorism list," Nagy said.

But with Gaddafi now added to the list of tyrants killed, the Texas Tech Student Democrats say they feel a little safer.

"This is a true watershed moment for the Libyans who now have a chance to put this behind them and try and work towards what their new idea of government is going to be," Zachary Rubiloa said.

Others say this moment in history is an opportunity for the world to express their opinion.

"It's not okay anymore that everyone isn't getting rights in every single country. It's not okay to have these dictators taking control," Rosa Fiqueroa said.

Now Libya needs to create a constitution and government. No one can predict how long that could take, so we will just have to wait and see.

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