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Fire Destroys House Leaving Five Homeless

Leopard print house slippers. That's how much time Vanessa Seymour had to grab her kids and run from the flames. "Let's get out of the house, let's get out of the house," she recounted ordering.

Just after 4:30 Vanessa was sorting laundry when the lights flickered. When she opened the door to her bedroom. "The whole room was on fire," she said.

Faulty Lamp To Blame For Lubbock House Fire
Lubbock fire officials have made progress in their investigation of a devastating house fire on Monday. They now say a corded lamp appears to have been the source of the blaze.
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Inside the house, her three children and a niece. Kelsey, Taylor, Lincoln, and Cameron. Ages 18 months to 7-years-old. Everyone escaped. The house was destroyed. The cause? "Right now we don't know," said Fire Chief Steve Hailey. "We had about 24 firefighters," said the chief.

"I've got sleeping bags, socks etc.," said Shanna Roberson. She lives across the street. "I came out to check my dryer and I saw the flames and the smoke was everywhere. One firefighter was injured in a fall but later reported being fine. "Just a very quickly spreading fire and the wind was a complicating factor," said Hailey.

Three days before Christmas, and everything is gone. Except, of course, their most important gifts, even if they're only wrapped in leopard print slippers. "This is it, this is it," said Seymour.

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