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Thieves Target Packages on Doorsteps

It's sad but true. There are thieves right here in Lubbock who will go as far as to follow delivery drivers and then steal packages, during this one of the busiest seasons of the year.

FedEx independent contractor John Slyker says, "We've been out a couple nights until midnight delivering making sure people get their packages." Slyker says Lubbock's growing economy has kept him much busier this year than last year and national shipping company, U.P.S. is also coping with the busy season. That means more packages out there sitting on doorsteps and it's partly up to the sender and receiver to protect those packages from thieves.

Angie Molina, U.P.S. Store manager offers this advice for protecting packages: "We offer insurance. We insure packages up to $100 and any additional is a dollar per hundred depending on the value of the package and of course they can request a signature required."

That's not all you can do, if a shipping company leaves a note on your door, you can call them and arrange to pick the package up yourself, or you can request your package be left with a neighbor, at your work address, or even in a hiding space. Slyker also has this suggestion, "Make sure you track your packages and know what day they're coming on and when they are on the truck and being delivered."

Never underestimate though, someone could be following your driver, watching his every move, and eyeballing your precious packages. U.P.S. says they will take care of you if some steals your presents. Molina says, "If there is a problem, there's a number they can call which is 1-800-PICK-UPS and we'll get a claim started on it for them."

Meantime, Slyker hopes thieves will remember the people who are supposed to be on the receiving end of his deliveries. He gives one example: "A little boy had unfortunately lost his mother and I had two large packages for him and a friend of the little boy's came out and said you're like Santa this morning."

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