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Area 6-Year-Old Donates Hair to Charity

At a time when most kids are thinking about what they're going to get for Christmas, an area six year-old was busy on Tuesday making arrangements to give something precious to a child she'll never meet. Gabriella Gamboa is a first grader at Wolfforth Elementary, perhaps known for her very long hair.

But Tuesday, she went to Russo's Salon and asked for a major cut, about 10 inches because that's what it takes to make a donation to Locks of Love, the Florida charity that pieces together donated hair to make wigs for kids with cancer.

"Whenever I was little once, I saw it on TV, and I said, mom I want to do this," recalls the six year-old.

"She saw a little girl on television that was getting her hair cut and she asked me why they were cutting the little girl's hair, and I explained to her and she said she wanted to do it to," adds Dolores, her mother.

Gabriela was just four, but ever since then, she's been letting her hair grow just to get it long enough to cut it off and mail it off so that another child would have enough for a wig to wear during chemotherapy, lifesaving treatment that triggers hair loss.

"Cancer is in our family and some very close friends of ours have lost children to cancer and to see her do something like that to help someone else, it's really something," says her mother.

These are the guidelines the Gamboa's have been following to make sure Gabriella's hair can help another child.

  1. Donations must be a minimum of 10 inches from tip to tip
  2. Hair must be clean, dry, and either fixed in a pony tail or braid
  3. Mailed in a plastic bag
  4. Locks of Love accepts hair from men and women, young and old, even colored, or permed hair
  5. It can't be bleached or chemically damaged because they want the wigs to look natural for a child

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