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Candlelight vigil honors 142 victims killed by domestic violence

According to Women's Protective Services, 142 Texas women lost their lives to domestic violence last year.  Thursday evening, WPS held a special candlelight vigil to honor those victims, one of whom was a Lubbock woman who died at the hands of her abusive boyfriend.

It's been 16 months since Amanda Moreno, 27, was murdered by her boyfriend Anthony Torres.  The crime took place in her own home. "I strive to find a way to save her, to bring her back to her babies who have to live without her being present at their birthdays, graduations, all of life's beautiful celebrations," best friend Stephanie Nunez said.

Moreno died a victim of domestic violence.  It's a crime Nunez says she wishes she could have prevented. "If I could have gone back to that morning, I would have tried my hardest to protect her," Nunez said. 

Nunez spoke before about a hundred people at the Lubbock County Courthouse Thursday evening.  WPS's event was aimed at spreading awareness about domestic violence, while honoring all of the victims who have died as a result of the crime - including Amanda Moreno.

"This was a tragedy to my family and all of the people she had touched in this town," Moreno's brother, Joe Moreno said. WPS's Coordinator of Community Education, Roy Rios, says it's important to remember the lives lost at the hands of domestic violence, while also educating victims who are afraid to break free.

 "Violence is not okay and there is a way out.  And there's so much hope that comes from breaking the cycle of violence.  Lives can be changed and your future can be healed in such a wonderful direction if you break free," Rios said.

While Amanda Moreno and the other 141 victims can never return to their friends and family, their memories are a reminder that domestic violence is a crime that can be prevented.

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