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Local Businesses Spread Holiday Cheer to Less Fortunate

Six businesses, six Hummers giving children the ride of a lifetime and making this year's Christmas the merriest ever. "There's a lot of kids out there that just are struggling," says Brad Salley with Supertan.

For the past three years members of the Lubbock Hummer Club have served as chauffeurs for families. Picking them up in style and taking them on a shopping spree. "We're gonna walk around and get whatever you guys want okay?" says Salley.

"Wal-Mart is here for the community we feel if we help the community that's what I do as a manager and when they called me we was excited really felt honored they would give us a chance to help them out," says Wal-Mart Store Manager, Terry Tschoepe.

"This is the best Christmas they've ever had," says thankful shopper, Frankie Fennel.

Armed with baskets, the kids hit the aisles buying gifts not only for themselves but for their loved ones. For Shontae and her brother, Curtis, they're Christmas wishes finally came true thanks to someone who cares. "We didn't have the money. We really didn't," says Frankie.

This year they'll be able to put their favorite toys under the tree. "It's a Bratz car and it has a real radio and stuff in it," says Shontae.

Business owners say doing what they can to help those in need is what Christmas is all about. "When I get home after this and I see my kids and how lucky and what we've provided for them versus the families we've helped today it's unbelievable you just can't help but want to give more," says Salley.

All 18 families were also provided with a complete Christmas dinner, courtesy of Wal-Mart.

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