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The Igia Instant Cover: Does It Work?

Are you ashamed of spider veins on your legs? How about acne on your face? All you really want to cover them up so no one can see them! Well, a product called the Igia Instant Cover claims it can do just that. It also claims it can cover up freckles and birth marks just to name a few.

Since I'm using my body to test out the Instant Cover, I'll pick the "light" shade. Your package comes with three different shades: light, medium, and dark.

The Instant Cover is a really thick concealer. First, I tried to cover the freckles on my arm. The Instant Cover wasn't covering very well and my skin looked chalky. It was pretty caked on there and the freckles never disappeared. As I compared it to my other arm, there was a difference, but imagine if you had to use it on your face?

Moving down to the ankle where I have a large birthmark. This time, the Instant Cover didn't completely cover my birthmark. In my opinion, it drew more attention to it.

A little further up on my leg, I have this really nasty spider vein that shows when I wear shorts. I hate it when it shows! I dabbed a little Instant Cover on that. I will have to admit, the Instant Cover did make it look better. But I'm wondering how long the Instant Cover would stay put!

The Instant Cover didn't do a consistent job. I wasn't satisfied, and you wouldn't be either. This product doesn't work.

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