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Last Minute Shoppers Fill Area Stores

Crowds kept workers at the Wal-Mart Supercenter on the West Loop busy on Christmas Eve. The crowds picked up fast in the morning because...

T'was the night before Christmas and across the South Plains, last minute shoppers were stirring and wracking their brains. Sheldon Macha explains, "Just some last minute shopping for my kids. Trying to get it all done."

Rick Rushing, Wal-Mart assistant manager, says, "We're just filled up with shoppers and they're just coming out of the woodwork."

Shopper, Jason Kirkland, tells why he was out on this busy shopping day. "I meant to get it done about a week ago and it seems like it always comes down to the last couple hours."

Mindy Brashears is shopping for wrapping paper. She says, "Nothing is wrapped so everything is in chaos at our house."

See they waited 'til the last minute. Now, the consequences are clear. They wish they were sipping egg nog, anywhere but here. Jack Prater confirms that, saying "At all costs, I don't like getting in crowds."

But it's too late now, what's done is done. Better late than never, however, to please a loved one. Rushing says, "At this stage in the game, it's very difficult to have everything out customers want."

So the tireless shopping carts fill the isles with a clatter; priceless in their quest to hold toys, jewels, and such matter. Shopper, Melanie Kirkland says, "It's the spirit of giving so I think it's the best time to go shopping and have fun with your family." Becky Hardcastle agrees, "We're all together and happy and have a lot to be thankful for."

So, in the end, what's to show but a headache and sore feet? Why it's the spirit of giving, but boy are shoppers beat.

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