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Day After Christmas Shopping Blitz

South Plains Mall had it's share of after-Christmas shoppers. Returning, exchanging, buying more. Whatever the reason, shoppers were everywhere. How much money was exchanged or returned? Manager Jack Boyster says that's a hard one to calculate. "Because it's individual stores. They don't report that to the landlord which is us. So, we don't really know. Obviously, there's a lot of returns, exchanges, credits, refunds and buying merchandise. We've got a lot of great sales going on here too."

Sales or not, people are spending their money. Just this holiday season, Boyster says the amount people have spent are excellent for a mall the size of South Plains Mall. "During just the holiday season, we're at an excess of $50 million for roughly 180 stores," Boyster said.

Store Hours: Day After Christmas 12/26
While stores were everything but busy Christmas Day, Friday will be a different story.
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So how many people does that mean walked and shopped at the South Plains Mall? Try one and a half million shoppers.

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