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Colder Temperatures Could Cause Icy Threat for Motorists

The forecast serves as a reminder to drivers who may experience frozen streets in the morning. And chances are, the streets will freeze, regardless of whether it rains or not. Bridges and overpasses are always a concern when the weather turns colder. That's because they are the first to freeze, because they are higher off the ground and further from the earth's heat.

Another thing to watch for is patches of ice along the edges of streets, like what drivers saw Monday morning. Lubbock Police urge home and business owners to turn off their sprinkles at night if the excess water generally runs into the street, because when they don't the water freezes, creating icy streets for drivers that usually aren't expecting it.

"Unfortunately they have a tendency to run into the streets and when we have temperatures like we did last night and this (Monday) morning then what we have is ice. People don't know it's there they aren't expecting it and if you're driving the normal speed limit and you hit an intersection that's icy there's a good chance you might lose control of your vehicle," said Ronnie Sowell, LPD Sergeant.

So be aware of wet spots, and watch for black ice. Black ice is a thin, new ice that forms on fresh water or dew covered surfaces, it appears "black" because of its transparency, so it's hard to see while driving.

But salt trucks across town are loaded and ready to patch icy spots when needed.

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