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The GloFish Is Lighting up Aquarium Shops in Lubbock

These two inch fish are the latest craze in pet shops across the nation, except in California. Just last week, they've made their splashing debut in Lubbock.

They're the hottest thing in tropical fish. A genetically modified zebra fish called the GloFish fluorescent fish. "And it makes them produce a glow to them under black light," said Chris Storie, Hi-Tech Aquarium worker.

Scientists take a fluorescence gene, either from sea coral or jellyfish, and add it to the egg before the fish hatches. The two inch fish was produced as florescent fish for the purpose of detecting water pollution.

However, an Austin based company is brining them to fish hobbyist. Lubbock just got their shipment in last week. The GloFish we found at Hi-Tech Aquarium glow blue under the black light and have a rosey hue under florescent lighting.

"We just happened to see this on the list we use to order our fish. We decided to get some to try it out," said Storie. Although, he says the public hasn't quite caught on in Lubbock. But in due time, they will.

But, the GloFish is wowing people in other cities. "I've heard they're extremely popular that they can't keep them on the shelves," said Storie.

But California has banned the sale of the GloFish because of bioengineering concerns. That state has a ban on the sale of any genetically modified fish, a law intended to protect the environment.

Texas Wildlife officials say the GloFish isn't a threat to wildlife if it's accidentally released in the water ways. They say the fish could only survive a couple of months in the wild.

The GloFish sells for about $5 a fish. You can find them at Hi-Tech Aquarium, The Aquarium Store, and Fish Pro's Aquarium Center.

For more info in the GloFish (click here).

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