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Boy Scouts Help Keep Lubbock Beautiful

Some Lubbock residents are enjoying the first weekend of the new year without worrying about disposal of their old Christmas trees. Thanks to the help of Lubbock area Boy Scouts and Keep Lubbock Beautiful, residents are able to properly dispose of their pine trees. We caught up with the scouts to learn how they are helping.

Christmas Tree Drop-Off Locations
The presents are now unwrapped, and after the decorations have been taken off, the city is asking you to recycle your Christmas tree.

Community service is not something unfamiliar to Lubbock area Boy Scouts, so on this sunny winter day, their efforts are dedicated to the outdoors.

"It keeps Lubbock looking good and keeps the trees from rotting in the alley ways and they don't get disposed of properly and it has an impact on the beautification of Lubbock," said Boy Scout Zach Pruitt.

To ensure the proper disposal of Christmas trees, the scouts take it upon themselves to make sure that they get recycled and residents get to save time and energy. Resident Bobby Roberts says that he is grateful that he does not have to take care of the old tree, so this year won't be a repeat of the last.

"I think we finally hauled it off about August or September, we never could get the time to get it in the car and tie it down, " he said.

After visiting over 300 homes, the Boy Scouts left the pine trees at various recycling locations throughout Lubbock

"They're going to take these trees and grind them into mulch instead of letting them go to waste," said Boy Scout Reegan May.

Donations from collecting the trees will go toward helping other local boys to join the national organization. Boy Scout Michael Pandya says that the funds raised will help other boys join boy scouts who can not afford it and will keep the legacy of service and friendship alive.

"Getting out and doing the service and being able to take care of the environment because that's what Boy Scouts is a part of," said Reegan.

If you still need to get rid of your Christmas tree just go to one of these Lubbock locations

  • Southside Recycling Center, 1631 84th
  • Northside Recycling Center, 208 Municipal Drive
  • Recycling Center, 2002 Elmwood
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