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Cash-strapped school district sells ad space in halls


Advertisements will soon adorn the halls, lockers, tables, and benches at school in one Pennsylvania school district. It's their solution to supplement huge budget cuts.

There was no way that selling school supplies and having bake sales would bridge the money gap at Edgewood Elementary in Bucks County.

"The basic education funding from the state was reduced," said school board member Allan Weisel. "Our property tax revenue had been reduced."

To keep from slashing programs, the Pennsbury School District stumbled on a moneymaking program in an education magazine.

"The number was $423,000, which will buy quite a few educational programs for our children," Weisel said.

So they entered into an agreement with School Media from Minnesota to put advertisements in the hallways.

"I was apprehensive," said Principal Michele Spack. What were these ads going to look like? What messages would they be sending to students? And then as we began to receive information, we realized that there were going to be filters."

There wouldn't be ads selling sports cars or soft drinks, but ones that promote education, nutrition, student safety and health, according to the school board.

The school board says ten more ads are due at Edgewood and 15 other district schools and they will have the power to veto anything that's inappropriate.

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