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Diet and Exercise Safely in 2004

Jenny Altman is seeking out professional help in the new year with the Creating Wellness program. "I wanted to incorporate this program into my life so I could be whole, mind, body and soul and so that I can deal with things I may not do the correct way myself and so I can live a longer, healthier life."

Jenny meets with a Wellness Coach at Global Health Chiropractic in Lubbock each week. There, she gets a customized meal plan with supplements, personal workouts on DVD and motivating cd's to address any stress that may challenge her goals. It's a program that renowned fitness expert Doug Capporino believes in. "The nervous system is really what regulates all of the systems in the body, so if one system happens to be thrown off from an emotional or chemical standpoint you're not going to get the desired results you want to achieve."

The Creating Wellness program is offered exclusively in Lubbock at Global Health Chiropractic located in Kingsgate North off 82nd and Quaker. For more information, call Dr. Turner at (806) 722-3533 or ( click here ). For more information on the Creating Wellness Program ( click here ).

If you need a group setting, you may try Weight Watchers, where you weigh in each week to track your progress and get support. Instead of counting calories, you count points to log your daily intake of food. Team leader Kim Martin says, "We're not eliminating any food group. It's a balance of all food groups and just watching what you're eating and getting a good variety." For more information on the Weight Watchers program and to find a group near you, ( click here ).

A healthy diet may be the key factor in a successful exercise program as well. "Whether they succeed or fail, it's going to be determined 80% to 90% on their eating habits." Dan Doggett trains up to ten clients a day at Bodyworks. "We'll go into great detail about what they want to achieve, how many times a week they can frequent the facility and I'll test body fat, and take measurements. I'll also determine what their eating habits are."

Bodyworks offers three locations for Lubbock customers. Fore more information on all three clubs call the Bodyworks location on 34th and Loop 289 at (806) 799-4040.

Now, let's go over some tips from the experts. Capporino says, "The only way a goal becomes realistic and attainable is when you attach a time line to it." Set specific short and long term goals. Make your workout plan fit your lifestyle. Doggett says, "You can change your overall health by working out 20 minutes a day. Try 10 to 15 minutes of weight training and 10 to 15 minutes of cardio. That alone is going to be enough to create a change and it's going to be for the better. You don't have to look like Fabio to be healthy."

Finally, you can start a healthy change any day. Martin says, "When you feel ready and you want to make a better change or a healthy change, I say go for it."

These are some Safety Solutions for a healthy lifestyle change.

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