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Signs You May Have Metabolic Syndrome

Have you ever heard of Metabolic Syndrome? It's estimated that 3 of 10 American adults have it, but don't know it.

It's not a new disease. It's a newly discovered pattern of symptoms that indicate trouble down the road.

Here are the signs:
(Individually, they don't sound serious, but they provide clues that you may be setting yourself up for a heart attack, stroke, diabetes, or other problems)

  • Slightly elevated blood sugar, but not enough to be diabetes
  • Slightly elevated triglycerides
  • Your HDL, your good cholesterol, isn't as high as it should be
  • Abdominal fat, a waist measurement of 40 inches or more for men, and 35 inches or more for women

If you have three of these signs, you may have Metabolic Syndrome.

"It leads to not only diabetes and heart attacks, but it's an act of inflammation in the body. That's what leads to heart disease and stroke as well, and it also leads to excessive clotting in the blood," said Dr. John Hernreid.

The treatment for these folks is often prevention, which may include cholesterol lowering medication, a daily aspirin, wholesome foods, and a daily walk, because Metabolic Syndrome can be reversed.

If you're showing a few of the signs, ask your doctor about Metabolic Syndrome and what you can do to prevent it.

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