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Petitioners fight to save Tent City


Thousands in Lubbock are fighting to save the homeless tent city through a petition that will be given to Lubbock City Council Thursday morning.

Tent city is located on a plot of land owned by Link Ministries near the corner of Broadway and 13th Street. In order to stay, the city will have to grant Link Ministries a "special use" zoning permit to be considered a shelter.

During Thursday morning's council meeting a handful of people will speak on behalf of tent city and hand over the petition that has already gotten more than 2,500 signatures as of Wednesday evening.

"Part of it's to show the community support to council that people in Lubbock want a solution. A solution to the homelessness is to save tent city because we supply a great need to a lot of people here," said Les Burrus Director of Link Ministries. "It's economical since there is no taxpayer money involved, and this is the quickest and best way of housing we can afford."

After the 7:30 a.m. meeting council will have a hearing at 9:30 a.m. to talk about recommendations of whether to keep tent city or deny the permit.

One of several things could come from the council meeting. Members could allow the homeless to stay at tent city as is, or they could tack on restrictions with the permit like putting up a privacy fence or more security patrols.

"We are working hard to work with land owners next to us to see what we can do together to make this thing work for Lubbock, TX," said Burrus.

The city could also deny a permit which means the homeless would have to pack up and move once again. "We're really hoping we don't have to go down that road. If it is immediate we do not have another place for them to go," said Burrus. "They're going to be right back downtown on Broadway and Avenue Q where they were back in January."

The public is invited to the city council meeting started at 7:30 a.m.

To see the petition, click here.  

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